Eminem VS MGK

SOOOOO, this has basically been me this ENTIRE TIME with the whole Eminem/ MGK fued beef thing that's been happening. 

While I was driving the other day, I totally had an epiphany that...what if...just WHAT IF, this was all calculated. Maybe MGK enlisted the help of Eminem BECAUSE he knew he had a new EP called "Binge" releasing and he wanted a big hype up for it. If you were wanting to really boost sales for yourself, enlisting the help of the GOAT rapper might be super helpful. 

BUT, in case you've been living under a rock lately, first Eminem put out this diss track on his surprise album "Kamikaze." (I know it's not the correct audio because of copyright issues, but if you listen to it, you get the gist. And it's Eminem so...



Eminem put that song out, then a couple days later MGK released this one clapping back (ugh, I hate that I just used the phrase "clapping back" but that's what he did so...

AGAIN. Harsh lingo!


Last Friday, Eminem put this diss track called KILLSHOT out...



And then of course, last night we got this post from MGK. 


So, with all of that out there...who do you think won? IS IT OVER??? TAKE THE POLL. 



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