This Paper Airplane Folding Machine gives me Promotion Ideas

Entering my 15th year in Radio, one thing has always been consistent.

We're always looking for new ways to connect with our audience, and make things fun for you! With that in mind... I saw this video today.

An engineer took old printer parts, and a few he 3D printed, to create an unusually unnecessary machine. A machine that automatically folds and launches paper airplanes

So... Here's my idea... Tell me what you think.

We throw a massive party in a park somewhere. Food, games, music... the works.

On stage, before/after our headliner performs for you, we bring out the paper airplane machine. Here's the cool thing... all the paper we use has prizes listed on them. Everything from digital downloads of your favorite artists music, to cash money... maybe even a trip to see artists in other cities!

Just don't maul each other going for them... no need for us to call the paramedics over this!

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