Need a New Playlist? iHeartRadio Got Your Back!

All this weekend, iHeartRadio has handed over the keys to the entire iHeartRadio App, and given EVERYONE UNLIMITED ACCESS to everything, all weekend, nothing required!

Looking for new playlists to listen to while you're working out, or getting ready to party? I have my favorites you should check out!

With Halloween coming up next week, our very own Elvis Duran has put together his favorite tunes for the occasion... and I have to agree with his choices, which include this classic Halloween track!


For me, I can't work out without music in my ears. I don't know why not, but if I don't have music... I can't get into the groove. Fortunately for me, the iHeartRadio App has tons of playlists that keep me motivated! My favorite of them? Our 2000's Workout Hits. What can I say... they're my favorites! Besides... how can you not get into your workout when listening to this.


Need to chill out for the night? Maybe you have guests over and need some nice background music? I always turn on my iHeartRadio App and go straight to this list. Romeo (host of Most Requested Live) just has a lock on what I like to chill out to! Besides... who can't chill out to a little Midnight City?


Do you have a favorite you've found while cruising around the iHeartRadio App this weekend? Hit me on Facebook and let me know so I can give it a listen as well!

Joey Dee

Joey Dee

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