Sports Illustrated Editors Favor Vikings in SB LII


With the possibility of the Minnesota Vikings entering into a Super Bowl slated to be played at their home stadium, it's safe to say the hype train behind a Vikings Super Bowl win is full steam ahead!

The hype has even reached the Editors of Sports Illustrated

11 editors from the magazine were asked to give their NFL Playoff predictions.

10 of the 11 believe that the NFC will belong to the Vikings (one poor soul thinks the Saints have a chance)

But when it comes to the big game itself... they're a little more torn.

4 of them think the Vikings will reign supreme this year. 4 think the New England dynasty continues (maybe not so much with the recent bombshell report from ESPN) and 3 think the Steelers can overcome all to take home the Lombardi trophy again.

Check out all their predictions here

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Joey Dee

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