Real Life 'Robin Hood'... of sorts

Working in radio has it's fair share of interesting things that happen on any given day. Yesterday, another one of those interesting things happened. 

One thing that has become a staple for me no matter where I'm working, I LOVE to have a proper dart board in my office. And when I mean proper, I mean a board you use metal tipped darts on. (Easier to maintain, frankly a lot more fun!) The bosses never seem to mind, most of them come in to play a little throughout the week. 

Well... one of my coworkers is a regular in my office. Anytime he comes in to ask me a question, or just escape work for a moment, he'll come in and throw a couple at the board. 

Yesterday, he was doing just that when... a shot I never thought possible happened... 

How he went all "Robin Hood" and got one to literally go through the other... We'll never know.

Or, you can look at it like his wife did on Facebook. "Looks like 2 misses to me."

Still... just another crazy day in the iHeartMedia Bismarck offices

Joey Dee

Joey Dee

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