Will Smith... Formula 1 Driver?

Will Smith is taking on the 2nd half of his life in style.

From jumping onto Social Media, Dancing and singing songs we never thought he'd ever do, to bungee jumping into the Grand Canyon, there's no challenge that The Fresh Prince isn't up for!

So, at this weekends season ending Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix, he though he'd try to knock another item off his bucket list.

He was an invited guest of Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton for this race weekend. During the race broadcast you could see Will trying to help out everywhere. From walking Lewis out onto the grid before the start of the race, to waving the Green Flag to start the race, to manning one of the boom cameras for the broadcast and so much more, he was EVERYWHERE. 

What we didn't know... was that he attempted to take over Lewis' seat for the race!


Will was serious about it too! Just minutes later, he can be seen walking into the teams garage, in full fire suit and Lewis' helmet, to get into the car to drive. But... I think the team noticed pretty quickly that he wasn't their driver...


Too bad Will... Maybe next time

Speaking at the postrace news conference, Hamilton said, 

"We had an unconventional weekend, as yesterday morning we were filming something with FIFA and Sony. Then this morning, we did various stuff with Will.

"Will is the original hype man, he is hyper, he brings a lot of energy. He is really like a big brother to me. We were doing some filming and stuff like 10 minutes before I got in the car, which I never do, as that is usually the period of time I get ready, so I was going into the race having completely changed my pattern."

What's more remarkable about all of this, Lewis ended up winning the race from Pole Position for his 11th win of the year, and the highest Driver's point total in F1 history.

Maybe one day we'll see The Fresh Prince behind the wheel of an open wheeled race car... but until then, keep doing your thing Will!

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