We're 1 Step Closer to Space Tourism

Space... The Final Frontier... Isn't exactly that any longer.

If you've ever grown up wanting to travel to space just to look around, Virgin Galactic has brought the possibility 1 step closer.

During a test flight of their VSS Unity spaceship today, 2 pilots and their test load launched from their VSS Eve at 43,000 ft. and traveled to 51.4 miles above the Earth's surface, 1.4 miles past the barrier the US Air Force has decided is the edge of the planet.


Don't get your hopes up though... there still is plenty of testing that Virgin Galactic still needs to do before it sends paying customers into space to look around. 

Oh... and it'll require 3 days of training before you launch, and will cost a small fortune to buy a ticket... but what's money when it comes to the possibility of seeing beyond this Earth? Right???... 

Yeah... I'm in the same boat... Still a pipe dream that most of us won't be able to, probably ever.

Joey Dee

Joey Dee

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