'Unsolved Mysteries' getting a Netflix Reboot


The theme song for 'Unsolved Mysteries' still gives me chills... years after I last watched it.

I can remember sitting down with my grandfather to watch this show when I was younger. I don't know if that is a good thing... or a bad thing... but it did lead me to be a bit more inquisitive in my everyday life. 

Now, a new generation of kids can get the same experience watching it with their relatives.

Netflix is going to reboot 'Unsolved Mysteries' with the original creators of the show teaming up with the producers of their hit series "Stranger Things"

In an official statement about the show, Netflix promises it'll still be a unsettling as it was before.

This modern take on the classic series will maintain the chilling feeling viewers loved about the original, while also telling the stories through the lens of a premium Netflix documentary series. Each episode will focus on one mystery and once again will look to viewers to help aid investigators in closing the book on long outstanding cases.

12 episodes have been ordered... so that's 12 chances to try and help solve cases that have stumped professionals for years.

Remind me to only watch this when it's sunny/clear skies out. No need to compound the show with bad weather!

Joey Dee

Joey Dee

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