Talk About Timing...

This week's news is consumed with the impact of the Polar Vortex that has descended across the Midwest, and the eastern part of the country. It's no different here in Omaha, where we are seeing some pretty low temps... but I'll take these any day of the week over what my friends in Bismarck are dealing with!

For the last 5 years, I worked up in Bismarck, ND, and I don't think it would surprise anyone that the winters there are BRUTAL.

Seeing entire weeks of temps that never reached above Zero degrees was the norm. And, No, you don't ever get use to it being that cold.

When I got asked to move here to Omaha to help out here at KISS, I was excited for MANY, MANY reasons. First of which is that it's an amazing city with a rich history for Top 40 Radio, and as a radio geek, I wanted to experience that myself.

Though, I can't lie, milder winters were DEFINITELY on the list. And with this week's polar vortex reigning terror on many parts of the country, I and so happy I am here, and not there...

Case-in-point... their weather forecast for the next couple days in Bismarck.

Yeah... That's 'no school' cold... and really the only time Bismarck ever cancels school... when it's too cold for ANYONE to be outside.

Let's just say... I'm SO HAPPY to be in Omaha!!!

Joey Dee

Joey Dee

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