What are these "Weather Delays/Closures" you're talking about?


What's with the weather this winter? I'm hearing that this year isn't normal for Omaha... so I believe all of you.

I am happy that it has been significantly warmer than I'm use to this time of the year. The last 5 years in Bismarck had me use to temperatures that were constantly in the negatives, with plenty of snow to go with it. Yet, for some reason, I can only remember a few times where schools were closed because of it, and all of those had to do with temperatures that were in the 'life threatening' range.

Since moving my family to Omaha a couple weeks ago, my kids have only been in class 3 days. The rest of the time, school was cancelled due to weather. My kids are LOVING IT... my wife, not so much... hahaha

So... my real question... Is it normal for the schools in the area to miss so many days of class this time of year? Do the school districts build in enough snow makeup days into the calendar?

Also... what do you do with your kids on weather closure days? Do they come to work with you? Stay home and play on the computer? Put them to work shining shoes or something?

Either way... it's been quite the adjustment for my family. We'll just have to wait and see what comes next for us!

Joey Dee

Joey Dee

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