As of April 15, 2019 Nebraska Road Closures due to flooding:

(This is not an extensive list.These are major roads, highways and interstates)

39 Closed Silver Creek to Genoa

Bridges out (road closed):

11 in Butte

12 in Niobrara

13 in Norfolk

15 in Schuyler

57 in Stanton

94 in Pender

116 in Laurel

121 in Yankton

30 Closed (west of Kenard) to 275

91 Closed Nickerson to Blair

Q St closed Skyline Dr to 252nd

Center St closed 31 to 275

Dodge St closed 31 to 275 (open to local traffic to 228th for access to Riverside Lakes and Waterloo

2 JUST West of the Missouri River to 275 in Iowa

34 Harlan-Lewis Road to I-29 in Iowa You can take HWY 34 to Harlan-Lewis road but you can NOT go east from there.

North of Council Bluffs

I-29 remains closed Crescent (exit 61) to Loveland (exit 71)

South of Council Bluffs

I-29 remains closed Glenwood/HWY 34 to St. Joseph, MO

Click to see the flood information you need! Some of the closures shown here are the actual CONSTRUCTION areas, but the rest of the road is still closed. Example: HWY 30 says it closed basically Bell Creek to CR 27. However, it is closed 275 to HWY 31 (just west of Kennard) See the list above for the latest.

Click Here for the latest flood updates

Q St Bridge is closed 26th St to 27th St. Qst ramps on and off JFK both directions will remain open, you just won't be able to go west from the JFK on Q st. Use L street. This will be closed for a year. (11/2019)

Harrison closed 150th to 154th for re-paving until July (7/15) EB– Take 156th St north to Q St then east on Q St 144th St 156th St south to Giles Road, then east on Giles Road to 144th St WB– Take 144th St north to Q St ,then west on Q St to 156th St or 144th St south to Giles Road, then west on Giles Road to 156th St

32nd Ave from Valley to Gold various lane restrictions in both directions (4/24) (32nd Ave from 4 blocks south of Martha to just south of Vinton)

Fort St lane restrictions 120th and Military Ave/Blair High (4/29)

ane restriction for road work on Ames 60th to 66th both directions (4/30)

Florence Blvd from Ames to Redick various lane restrictions in both directions (4/20)

Eastbound F St at 90th lane restrictions (4/18)

Eastbound Center at 56th curb lane closed (4/19)

Regency/Dodge all around the Westroads south side lane restrictions (4/18)

St Mary's ave various lane restrictions 17th to 24th (4/17)

Pacific St lane restrictions 84th to 90th both directions (4/29)

79th is closed L st to K st (4/18) This is the road that runs along the west side of Sortinos in front of Tractor Supply

Downtown: Douglas St in Downtown Omaha is now a no parking street from 14th to 10th (March 2021)

Downtown: Dodge 18th to 20th only 2 right lanes open (6/1)

Capehart is closed 138th to 144th until October 1st for paving. (10/01) (Local traffic will be able to access their homes during the construction)

JJ Pershing from Dick Collins Road (in front of OJ's) North to Oakridge Dr (Dodge Park) various lane restrictions until further notice for road damage and repair

Maple 108th to 212th Various lane restrictions in both directions (10/1)

NW Radial will see various lane restrictions from Cuming to Spencer St in Benson. Both directions. (12/1)

132nd and Center in the intersection multiple pot holes and lane restrictions until November as the intersection is re-built

114th has a portion of the road closed again between Dodge and Pacific with the ongoing road work there. This time between Mason and Jones (6/28)

Various overnight lane closures and ramps on I-80 both directions 60th to 480 (5/18)

144th is closed in Millard Northbound Q St to Millard Ave and Southbound from Q to U (TFN)

168th Burt to Bedford various lane restrictions daily, both directions (6/2019)

156th road widening has begun. 156th open Pepperwood (just north of Dodge) to Blondo. lane restrictions for the next 2 years, (3/2021)

Intersection of 72nd and Maple; various lane restrictions (5/14)

Farnam at 36th to 38th; Farnam 10th to 16th (4/14) Farnam 19th to 20th (1/2020) 37th Farnam to Harney lane restrictions (5/2020) Harney 37th to 36th (5/14)

Eastbound Maple 80th to 84th will have various long term lane restrictions until April 2021

108th between Q and Madison (just north of Harrison) periodically closed to thru traffic; local traffic allowed  (November 2019)

Old Lincoln HWY still closed

Abbott Dr in front of Eppley Airport NB right lane closed for for parking garage renovations until May 2019.

Construction and lane restrictions both east and west bound 80 at 13th.  


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