10 Reasons to Get Excited for Winter

10. Christmas/Break 

A break from the books and teachers and professors and bosses. Need I say more?


9. Snow Days

I would hate to see the amount snow we'd have to receive in order for my boss to call me and say I don't have to come in to do my radio show.  That would have to be some apocalyptic snow and I'd rather not be a part of that. However, if you DO have a job that allows you to stay home for snow days, then I'm very jelly of you.  I'm also happy for people like my buddy Tyler, whose company "The Lawn Boyz" gets to plow snow due to heavy snow accumulations.


8. Holiday Sales

Black Friday. Small Business Saturday. Cyber Monday. 'Nuff said.


7. Time to get Cozy

Television on, me sprawled out on the couch, Jas on her recliner, blankets applied and one of three animals on our laps using us for out BTUs...it don't get no betta! 


6. Winter Sports

If you're one of those people who loves to play in the snow (yes I'm judging you #SorryNotSorry), you probably look forward to sledding, ice-skating, snowboarding, etc.  I don't care to participate in any of those, HOWEVER, I do love watching winter sports on TV and I'm pretty pumped for the winter olympics in February. #CurlingIsMyJam


5. Winter Fashion

When it comes to fashion, I have none.  However, my wife looks beautiful in all her winter-wear and I encourage her to buy as much as she can...so as long as she gets the 30% off coupon in the mail.   


4. Holidays

The tastes, the sounds, the sights and the smells...I LOVE IT ALL!!!!  The food, the Christmas music, driving around and looking at Christmas lights and, yes, I also get pretty excited to melt my favorite seasonal-scented wax melts.  


3. New Years

Starting over fresh for a new year is important...even if it doesn't feel fresh until AFTER your hangover on January 2nd. #RideShare #DontDrinkAndDrive


2. Holiday Drinks

After snow-blowing my entire block (it's my favorite toy), I do like to warm up with some up hot beverages, like peppermint mocha or hot cocoa.  My wife & I also have an obsession with Sleepytime Herbal Tea right before bed.

Now if you wanna kick it up a notch with some hot adult beverages, peppermint schnapps goes great in hot cocoa!  I've turned my rum-loving friends on to hot apple cider with a splash (or three) of Bacardi's Torched-Cherry rum.


1. Family

Reconnecting with family & friends you haven't seen in awhile is a blessing.  Life is short and you have to take advantage of every minute you have with your loved ones.




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