7 Horrible Ways Women Were Dumped

Breaking Up is Hard to Do...But Don't Do It Like These Idiots

Article Source: Glamour

Dumped at the Office

"After dating this guy for a while, he sent me an e-mail saying, I need to talk to you about something,' and he asked if I could meet him right away. I told him I was at work, and he said, Okay, I'll be right there.' I had a good idea what he was about to do, so when he texted me from outside my building and asked if he could come up, I was shocked! Dump me at my cubicle in front of my coworkers?! Instead, I met him outside. Five minutes later, I was back to work at my desk and haven't spoken to him since."—Kate, 25

Her BF's other GF Did the Dumping

"My first love called me while I was watching Love Actually(ironic) in the movie theater and said, she knows.' Before the opening credits, I realized she was his other girlfriend, and he was trying to make it sound like I knew all about her and that I was the sidepiece in cahoots with him. I realized my two-year relationship was a farce as she yelled from the background, Tell her you love me! Tell her who you want to be with.' He wasn't even man enough to dump me—his girlfriend did! Loser."— Jennifer, 32

He Ended Engagment Via Gchat (Coward)

"My friend and her ex-fiancé essentially broke off their engagement on Gchat. A casual conversation went from slightly snarky to full-on nasty, and within an hour, they'd both confessed their doubts about their pending marriage. I think it was a lot easier to type out how they felt than to actually vocalize it. They did end up meeting in person one last time to officially' call it off."—Sarah, 24




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