Secrets to Being Your Bartender's Favorite Customer


Take Notes...a Happy Bartender is a Good Thing

  1. Do not yell, whistle, or wave money. Doing so could result in you waiting awhile. A simple smile or eye contact will suffice. Bartenders are really good about seeing a new body at the bar. 
  2. Don't go to the bar until you know exactly what you want and have your money ready. Don't create a traffic jam. If the bar is crowded, that is NOT the time to ask the bartender, "What do you recommend?"
  3. Less ice never means more alcohol. It usually means more soda/mixer. If you want a stronger drink, ask for a double...and yes, you will be charged accordingly.
  4. Try and always tip with cash. This actually goes for anyone you would tip (servers, waiters, waitresses, etc.).  Wanna know why?  Ask them why or click here.
  5. Tip well on your very first drink. The bartender is more likely to remember you and serve you before others. A buck-a-drink is cool for a beer or two ingredient cocktail. However, if you order an expensive cocktail that takes time to make, please tip 18-20 percent.
  6. Starting a tab makes it so much easier for the bartender. One swipe of your card reduces the amount of paperwork they have to do at 3 or 4 in the morning.
  7. The worst thing you can do is hit on a bartender. They get it all the time and they ignore it all the time (and NO you will be an exception to the rule). If you find the bartender attractive, don't hit on them. Be smooth about it. Compliment them once and walk away.
  8. If they cut you off, don't argue with them. However, this will be especially difficult for you to remember, if you reach the point where they have to cut you off. Hopefully you have a friend babysitting you.
  9. Say 'please' and 'thank you' for every order.
  10. PLEASE take a cab or ride-share home.  Buzzed driving is still drunk driving.


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