How to Accept Justin Timberlake's "Filthy"

First off, you have to forget everything you think you know about traditional pop music because "Filthy" is not that; nor was it meant to sound like any other song Timberlake has done before. That's probably a good thing because you would be hating on it for sounding similar to one of his other songs. 

J-Tim didn't set out to write a masterpiece. He is simply flowing over a 🔥 beat from Timbaland. Can you sing along with it? Not really and you have to allow yourself to be okay with that. If you want something to nod your head with & tap your feet to, "Can't Stop This Feeling" can fill that void. 

However, "Filthy" is for you and your crew the next time you are at the club. The sound system is bumpin'. Those incredible laser lights seem to bounce off all the obnoxiously-sexy bodies that surround you. A steady flow of shenanigans is in progress, along with a lil help from adult beverages. All of the sudden, you hear that sick Timbaland beat start up and it immediately repossesses every living cell in every living organism in that club. "Filthy" is an electric web of hypnotic sound that entices you to the dance floor for 4 minutes & 19 seconds. During that time, your mind is void of all logic and your body refuses to give a sh** about whether or not your mouth can sing along with it. Your mind deals with logic, common sense, uncommon sense, moronic people and bullsh** all week has clocked out and handed the keys over to your body. And now your body wants to "Filthy". So stop thinking and start dancing. 



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