Only Wine Drinkers Would Understand THESE Struggles

There are some struggles in life you understand better than those who don’t drink wine  

  • When you regret straying from your usual bottle to try something new - We’ve all branched out from our go-to wine and been disappointed. We have such high hopes and when it’s no good, we put the cork back in and return to wine we know and love.
  • When it’s not appropriate to wine down - It’s not always time for wine, like when you’re working out, or when you’re at a club and the selection is just awful. But those times help you practice moderation and that’s a good thing, apparently.
  • When you get a wine stain - Red wine lovers know this pain oh so well and have spent plenty of time searching the Internet for DIY ideas to remove that dreaded wine stain.
  • When the good wine is so expensive - You’re tempted to break the bank to get your hands on a bottle of really good vino, but you save the splurge for another day and shop within your budget most of the time.
  • When no one has a wine opener - Like at a party or a picnic, when you’re all set to open a bottle and there’s no corkscrew in sight and you don’t have your back-up one in your bag. Sure, there are solutions to get it open without one, but panic does set in for a sec.
  • When your friends like beer better - You show up with a bottle to share and they crack open a cold one and tell you, "No way, rosé!" As much as you love them, you do consider finding a new group of besties for just a minute.
  • When your glass is empty - Most of the time, this is easily fixed with another pour, but sometimes, there just isn’t any more wine in the bottle and it’s a sad moment indeed.

Source: Elite Daily



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