Customer Shocked To Find Chuck E. Cheese Delivering Under Different Name

A Philadelphia GrubHub user was shocked to find out that she was ordering food from Chuck E. Cheese, and not the local restaurant she thought she was supporting!

Reddit user kendallneff discovered that the pizza she ordered from Pasqually's Pizza was actually from Chuck E. Cheese.

What she found out was that Pasqually is the name of the chef in the Chuck E. Cheese universe. That's not all, because she also found out there are other Pasqually's Pizza & Wings on delivery websites across the country.

All this time, she thought it was the LOCAL Pasqually's in West Philly.

Apparently, companies use secondary brands for delivery-only models and is a common practice. Applebee's runs a subbrand called "Neighborhood Wings" and Dog Haus runs EIGHT different virtual brands online called "The Absolute Brands".

My mind is blown.

Photo: Reddit / Getty Images

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