Our Friend Nas Is Building A Company, And He Might Need YOU!

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Our friend Nas from "Nas Daily" is making a company, and he might need YOUR help!

He says in his Facebook post: 

"I’m assembling a team of 5 total:2 iOS developers1 Android Engineer1 designer Me (I still have to make Nas Daily videos though)

If you know anyone, send this their way! I'm open to talk to anyone that's good and has experience. I don't discriminate based on location, race, or gender. I only discriminate based on your experience and energy. Each will get around $3k per month + equity. You won't lose money, but you won't make much either."

Read his official Facebook post HERE or check out the video below!

I'm starting a company.

WARNING! THIS IS A LONG POST. tl;dr: I'm starting a company to help anyone with a phone make a Nas Daily video on Facebook. Youtube videos don't work on Facebook. I want to build the best content creation tool for the Facebook medium. Many people will need it. I'm building a team and raising $250k (got a few already, need to find the rest). If you're good and interested, let's talk. Main priority is to find a CTO. Don't worry, I can code too and I'm easy to reach. Email is nas@nasdaily dot com. My phone number is also public. Feel free to share with friends. MORE DETAILS BELOW also here: http://bit.ly/NasDailyCompany --------- --- Why I want to start a company --- Even with 120m views and 800k likes, if I die today, Nas Daily dies tomorrow. There will be no more videos. I hate that feeling. My dream for the past 15 years has been to build something bigger than me. Something that I can look at and say: if I die today, this will continue tomorrow. For that reason, a company is something I’ve always wanted to do. The only problem is that I haven’t had anything worthy of building. I tried 5-6 times building random solution to what I thought were real problems. But they were not problems. And they were definitely not my problems. I didn’t connect or care about the problems I was trying to fix. Doing these videos for the past 380 days has taught me that there are only two things I care about that I would like to see happen: Better content creation: I create content everyday and IT. IS. HARD. This process has to be easier for not just me, but for everybody. Better content discovery: It took me exactly 270 days to be “properly” discovered. If there is another Nas Daily out there in the making, I want them to be discovered within a few days, not a few hundred days. The company I want to build has to tackle these two points. --- Why Now? --- There are two waves happening right now: 1. You will be seeing more and more Facebook videos. But it won’t necessarily be CNN video. It will be video from your friends and family. That’s what the algorithm prefers and that’s what performs best. In fact, Zuckerberg himself said that he wouldn’t be surprised if every thing shared on Facebook in 3 years would be video. The future is multimedia. 2. Youtube is in steady decline. YouTube.com visits are declining and so is their distribution. They lost the social game. For that reason, one should expect an influx of content creators to come to Facebook very soon. However, content that does well on Youtube doesn’t translate well to Facebook. By nature of how Facebook works, the content that goes on it has to conform to its standard for it to perform well. That means, videos have to have subtitles, the first 5 seconds need to be the best 5 seconds, there has to be an attractive thumbnail or title for the first 5 seconds, etc. So, if you agree with both points above, then you must also agree that there needs to be tools to help these content creators make Facebook content. Facebook itself can only provide so much in terms of content creation help. Too many features make the app buggy and not intuitive. It’s also obvious that 99% of the word’s content will come not from Nas Daily or Casey Neistat but from that 15 year old Indian kid with a smartphone or that Nebraska high school teacher who wants to teach the periodic table. That is the type of content that needs to be improved and seen by more people. --- Nas Daily --- To make a Nas Daily episode, I use equipments that is almost $5,000 in value: $1,200 camera, $2,000 editing laptop, $1,000 drone, $500 GoPro, and most importantly, a $300 Final Cut Pro software. Every Nas Daily episode is formatted to fit the Facebook medium. Features of content that does well on Facebook: - First 5 seconds are the most important 5 seconds. - Because most people view with sound off, subtitles are mandatory - Large overlay text on the intro to grab people’s attention - Video is tagged properly and has an eye-grabbing thumbnail and is launched at the right time - Meme-style videos Very few people can afford to make that type of content, especially in developing countries. However, you should be able to create a Nas Daily episode using only your phone, and you should be able to format it so that it performs better on Facebook. That’s what the Nas Daily app will help you achieve. With the Nas Daily app, you should get 1-3x the number of views you would get if you just upload your content without any changes. That’s the goal. Nas Daily app is not designed to help the top 1% of creators, but the average teenagers to create better video content designed from the grounds up to perform well exclusively on Facebook. -- Short-term App Features --- The most important features the app has to have: Import video from Camera Roll Add subtitles to the app directly from your phone. Attach a compelling 3 second intro video with large text overlays to the final outcome Provide you with appropriate music (legal) With a Swipe (a la Snapchat) you can add meme-style format to your video and we’ll take care of the rest Generate thumbnail automatically. Share directly on Facebook or save to your phone. Advise on best time to launch video along with best tags. Provide guidelines to create better video. If video is too long, too loud, too dark, alert user before publishing. --- Long-term App Features --- Once content creation features are set, the focus should shift to content discovery. Surface the best content from the internet that conforms to the Nas Daily video standards. Nas Daily means People Daily. The app should be centered around people and their creations. In addition to Facebook share, you should be able to share to within the app itself. Explore content from other creators who are making content in this specific format. --- Revenue Generation --- All video processing will happen on the device, therefore I estimate storage costs to be minimal. There are several monetization strategies, it’s a matter of choosing which one is best: Freemium model where users can buy upgrades in the app. Once the long-term vision has been executed on, there will be space for ads. --- Competition --- � I don’t care about it. There are a million other video editing tools out there, kinda like how there are a million Vlogs out there. The Nas Daily format has been right for the Facebook medium unlike other vlogs, and I will do my best we execute on this the right way. --- Team & Financials --- To build the minimum product, I am raising $250,000 on convertible Note at $5m cap I’m assembling a team of 5 total: 2 iOS developers 1 Android Engineer 1 designer Me (I still have to make Nas Daily videos though) If you know anyone, send this their way! I'm open to talk to anyone that's good and has experience. I don't discriminate based on location, race, or gender. I only discriminate based on your experience and energy. Each will get around $3k per month + equity. You won't lose money, but you won't make much either. Which means company will spend $15k on salaries and $5k on misc. each month. The money should last for roughly one year. The first milestone *should* take 6 months to reach, so I’m using the remaining money as buffer because I hate asking for money and want to build this for very cheap. Nas Daily costs $100 an episode. --- Equity distribution --- 10-20% for CTO position - I’m generous with equity for this position because this person will have to manage day to day operations as I still need to make Nas Daily videos. Each engineer will get a considerable amount of equity as well in the range of 0-5% All equity vests over a 4 year period. In early August, the whole team will fly to The Philippines for 3 months and build it there for cheap. All expenses will be covered there, so salary will be net savings. Expecting to close end of May and hire team by end of June. --- Future of Nas Daily --- At this point, Nas Daily will serve as a marketing channel for our efforts. So I will continue to make daily 1 minute videos, I will continue to travel, and I will do my best to grow the channel. Which means, I won’t be in the office as much. Once a week, I will make a Nas Daily episode about the team and our progress. My hope is to make this as public as possible. If you're excited to be part of this public journey, hit me up. I'm easy to find. For more details, send me an email at: nas@NasDaily.com That's too many minutes. See you tomorrow!

Posted by Nas Daily on Monday, April 24, 2017
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