Bachelor Arie Made Me Throw Up In My Mouth A Little...

Ok, I am usually a really religious Bachelor watcher even though every season is basically the same. There's always someone who is there for "the wrong reasons." Someone always uses their alone time with said Bachelor to talk crap about someone in the house, and there's always one chick who breaks the rules. I've totally made a drinking game for watching this show, but I digress...

So, Bachelor Arie...

Regulation hunk, right? So, in short, his season was kind of uneventful UNTIL Monday night. He did the routine dumping of one girl (Lauren) then right afterwards proposed to his one true love (Becca). But the show did NOT stop there. Chris Harrison promises that this will be "the most dramatic season in Bachelor history" and this one DID NOT DISSAPOINT. 

So, right after we see Arie and Becca celebrating their engagement...he shows up a couple weeks later to dump her ON CAMERA (not cool, Brah). This is basically what happened in a nutshell below. 


He went running back to runner-up Lauren...(they did the interview circuit- Kimmel, GMA, you know...)


But Twitter is NOT PLEASED that these two are engaged, and I LOVE IT. I was scrolling thru the Tweets last night and I was rolling. 


Even though Becca got her heart thown in to a woodchipper...she's over it...because she's the new Bachelorette!

Samantha Scott

Samantha Scott

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