So, last night. It was a quiet Sunday night. Our son had fallen asleep early on the couch and my husband and I decided to make some brownies. We were in the kitchen and my husband had to use the bathroom. He exits the kitchen and five seconds later he's screaming obscenities and I don't know why. I kind of instantly panicked! Did something happen to Bodhi (our kid)??...Is the house on fire??? 

I take off to see what the ruckus is all about and once I also exited the kitchen a bat (YES...A BAT) swoops down and it's flying all around our house. 

I am so upset I didn't have my phone on me (I NEVER DO WHEN COMEDY GOLD STRIKES) but it would have been hilarious to document. I hid in the utility closet until my husband was able to (with the assist from our dog Syd who is the REAL MVP of this situation) throw it outside by grabbing it with a blanket. 

So, since I didn't have my phone on me, I wanted to share some funny clips about bats that accurately depict what the situation was like at our house last night. 

Enjoy :)

This bat terrorized an Irish family below, and it's hilarious!


Let's not forget Ace Ventura's phobia of bats...which I now TOTALLY understand!


And the comedic duo of Chris Farley and David Spade trying to catch a bat in Black Sheep! 

Samantha Scott

Samantha Scott

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