As of May 29, 2020

Emergency RR crossing repair has W Maple Rd closed on the west side of Waterloo (252nd to Front St). THIS WON'T AFFECT HWY 64 (Maple) to HWY 275 nor will it affect HWY 275. A detour is posted.

IMPORTANT information: Starting MONDAY the on ramps to Eastbound 80 will close at 72nd until 6/8 AND at 60th St until 6/21. The 42nd St on ramp will be closed until 6/21 from SOUTHBOUND 42nd, but from NORTHBOUND will remain open

In Iowa; Broadway in Council Bluffs long term lane restrictions in both directions 25th to 16th (September)

HWY 92 westbound right lane closed west of Harry Langdon BLVD (7/3)

HWY 59 at I-80 lane restrictions (8/8)

I-80 lane restrictions in both directions between Exit 34 (Shelby) to Exit 57 (Atlantic) (8/24)

Exits along I-29 are closed in Iowa at 24 (Bartlett) and 20 (McPaul/Thurman)

680 at the Mormon Bridge Over the Missouri River crossing from Nebraska to Iowa; due to painting and repairs; down to one lane each direction (10/2020)

I-80 lane restrictions at the Platte River Bridge (about MM 426) (11/30) Both direction only the 2 far right lanes open (November) This extends a couple miles on both sides of the river

HWY 1 through Murray (south of Plattsmouth) N Park Ave (in front of Cornerstone Insurance Group) to HWY 34 lane restrictions

HWY 30 Rogers to Northbend various lane restrictions through October both directions

HWY 34 Just west of HWY 50 (358th St) to HWY 67 east of Union lane restrictions with flaggers (10/20)

HWY 34 near Harlan Lewis Road (south of Bellevue) various lane restrictions just east of HWY 75 (6/20)

HWY 75 North of Ponca to just on the north side of Ft Calhoun; lane restrictions in both directions (7/15)

HWY 91 west of Snyder N-15 (in front of Platte Valley Equipment) to CR 2 (Dodge, Ne) lane restrictions (6/20)

108th and Plattview Road road construction through December; Platteview will remain open

132nd Plattview Road to Main St lane restrictions in both directions with flaggers and pilot car (6/30)

168th SOUTH of HWY 370 will be closed in phases through December, however, it will be open for Vala's season

Capehart Dow Dr (aprox 25th) to JFK/HWY 75 lane restrictions in both directions (6/11)

192nd Closed HWY 370 to Schram Road (TFN)

Giles closed 168th to 174th and 192nd to 204th (October)

108th from Q to Harrison will see various lane restrictions again. This time through (6/30)

L st lane restrictions in both directions 38th to 36th (5/31)

72nd North and Southbound at Spring (just north of Grover) left lane is closed (6/10)

78th St has work being done in the intersections of Shirley, Walnut, and and Hickory (near Bergan Mercy Hospital) (5/30)

168th is closed Center to Pacific and you will need to access Lakeside including Lakeside Hospital ER from Center St. No detour posted! Use Bob Boozer to the east or 180th to the west (7/11) ALSO southbound 168th approaching Pacific the right lane is closed

Southbound 168th Bedford to Locust (just south of Maple) right lane is closed (6/2)

156th through Bennington: From Bennington Road to HWY 36 various lane restrictions in both directions until May 2021

State St closed Wenninghoff Road to 83rd (6/10)

Crown Point Ave is closed from 78th to Blair High Road through November 11

180th is closed from Blondo north to HWS Cleveland Blvd; Then 180th is closed from Old Lincoln Highway south to HWS Cleveland Blvd Until November 2021 AND... Blondo is closed 177th to 183rd is closed for road widening until November 2021

Blondo is closed 156th to 153rd and just a block north, Burdette is closed 153rd to 156th. (9/18) If you get stuck there take 153rd north to Corby then west to 156th or stay on 153rd all the way to Maple where it gradually turns in to 150th

Burt is also closed 156th to 155th (just north of Dodge) the intersection to access the school and will be opened for the start of school

180th closed from Emmet (just on the south side of Maple) to Grand (just south of Fort) then again Fort to Ida (the intersections of 180th and Maple and 180th and Fort ARE OPEN)

156th Pepperwood (just north of Dodge) to Corby. lane restrictions. 156th is open to Maple but narrow and slow. No left turns (3/2021)

In Benson: Military has lane restrictions northbound Binney to NW Radial (11/2020)

120th closed Maple to Roanoke Blvd (approaching Fort) this limits access to ball fields and Tranquility Park (6/16)

Maple has multiple areas of construction. Various lane restrictions in both directions at times from 108th to 170th. One lane each direction for bridge work 124th to about 110th (10/15)

The road work is back at 72nd and Maple until NOVEMBER Intersection; Currently you are head to head traffic in the westbound lanes 75th to 70th

Eastbound Dodge approaching 90th, 84th 72nd 62nd and 42nd curb lanes are closed (7/30)

Northbound 30th from Dodge to the on ramp to 480 SB lane restrictions (6/2)

8th St closed downtown Douglas to Farnam until (7/31/2021)

13th St is closed Farnam to Douglas for the Gene Leahy mall project (6/1)

13th Pierce to Center lane restrictions in both directions (6/10)

14th closed Mike Fahey to Cass (6/18)

Harney 12th to 13th lane restrictions (6/9)

Westbound Dodge at 12th, 15th and 20th right lanes closed (6/26)

Eastbound Douglas St in Downtown Omaha lane restrictions 14th to 10th (March 2021)

Eastbound Douglas at Park Ave (aprox 29th) 24th, 19th, 15th, and 13th curb lane closed for Orbit bus line work (June 2020)

24th is closed in front of the Creighton Campus from Cass (480) to Burt (just before Cuming St) (9/2020)

37th Farnam to Harney closed (5/31)

24th Martha to Leavenworth lane restrictions both directions (6/6)

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