Construction in and around Omaha

As of April 23, 2024

168th closed Rachel Snowden PKWY (about a mile north of State St) to Reynolds St (about a mile south of State St); and State St is closed Kilpatrick PKWY (aprox 174th) to HWS Cleveland BLVD (aprox 163rd) (12/31)

Northbound 168th Giles to Josephine (just before Harrison) lane restrictions and Southbound just after Josephine to Giles is closed (8/15)

The intersection of 192nd under Dodge has lane restrictions and overnight ramp closures until December for the installation of a Diverging Diamond. See video below to get more information on what a Diverging Diamond is. (12/31)

HWY 50/144th is down to one lane in each direction for bridge work over 370 (7/1)

Bridge closures/lane restrictions OVER the North Freeway/HWY 75:

Lake St Bridge and Ames St Bridge are open. Could still see lane restrictions (TFN)

Bristol Stt Bridge is closed (6/15)

Hamilton St Bridge is closed (11/30)

Further information:

Spring and Summer:

  • Overnight resurfacing work on US-75 will resume.
  • Bridge structure painting will resume resulting in the extended closure of 1 lane on US-75 in both the northbound and southbound directions.
  • Bridge repairs on Ames Ave. over US-75 will commence, this work will be phased with lane closures on Ames Ave.
  • Bridge repairs on Bristol St. will commence, this work will require the closure of Bristol St. at US-75, though pedestrian access will be maintained. Sprague St., Binney St., and Lake St. will remain open to serve as alternative routes.
  • The most impactful item commencing this Spring will be the re-decking of the Hamilton St. bridge, this will require the closure of Hamilton St. at US-75. Cuming St., Lake St. and Parker St. will remain available as alternative routes. Pedestrian access will be maintained utilizing a shuttle service available 7 days a week from 6:00am – 9:00pm.

Northbound HWY 34/75 over the Platte River right lane closed due to construction of a pedestrian bridge (7/1)

HWY 59 in Iowa is closed over the Nishnabotna River just north of Shenandoah use HWY 48 and 34 as Alt Route (8/1)

HWY 59 in Iowa just south of Avoca; construction; lane restrictions (7/25)

204th STREET will close from Platteview Road North (6/1)

180th closed from HWY 370 south for about a mile until Summer 2024

60th St between HWY 370 and Capehart construction will begin in June with lane restrictions and occasional closures

Nicholas 11th to 12th lane restrictions (4/30)

16th St between Clark St (4 blocks north of Cuming) to Pinkney (about 6 blocks north of Locust) various lane restrictions and closures (8/31)

Lake St 20th to 22nd lane restrictions (4/24)

18th Grace to Willis Ave is closed (6/25)

(Residential) Willis Ave is closed 17th and 18th (4/24)

(Residential) North Ridge Dr Hanover Cir to 34th St is closed (5/27)

(Residential) Forest Lawn from Craig Ave to 36th St is closed (6/8)

(Residential) 33rd and Forest Lawn; intersection closed (5/29)

(Residential) Ernest St is closed 30th to 33rd (5/22)

(Residential) Intersection of 28th STREET and Webber (just north of Martin Ave) is closed (5/2)

Florence BLVD Read to Sharon is closed (4/16) (This is still showing as active on construction map 4/23/24)

(Business dist/Residential) 29th is closed from State St to Willit St (about a block) (4/26)

(Residential) Bristol is closed 27th and 28th (6/16)

52nd Grand Ave to Fort St lane restrictions (5/6)

54th Bedford to NW Radial HWY is closed in front of Benson HS (4/25)

Eastbound Sorenson Parkway 36th to 35th the right lane is closed (4/26)

Southbound 30th Lane restrictions Forest Lawn (in front of Taco Bell) to Hanover (4/20) THEN from Hanover to Ernst (at Walgreens) (5/21)

Scott Cir (south side of Baker's) is closed from 30th (4/30)

Northbound 99th Blair High Road (Walmart entrance/Ida St) lane restrictions (4/23)

72nd Bedford to Pratt (1/2 way between Maple and Military) Southbound is closed; head to head traffic in the northbound lanes  (5/8)

72nd and Military in the intersection lane restrictions (4/23)

The LEFT lane is closed on Abbott Dr Northbound in front of the airport (Pratt Ct E Carter Blvd) (4/20)

(Residential) Leavenworth is closed from 6th St to the Roundabout (6/22)

Mike Fahey 16th to 15th lane restrictions (5/2)

Capital Ave 19th to 17th lane restrictions (4/26)

15th Mike Fahey to California St lane restrictions (5/2)

16th southbound Mike Fahey to Cuming St lane restrictions (5/15)

14th is closed Farnam to Douglas (Feb 2026)

15th lane restrictions Farnam to Douglas (Feb 2026)

Farnam 10th to 40th various lane restrictions (4/21)

Farnam and Douglas between 14th and 15th lane restrictions (Feb 2026)

12th and Dodge various lane restrictions (5/4)

10th and Dodge various lane restrictions (5/6)

Howard St 22nd to 21st Lane restrictions (4/12) (This is still showing as active on construction map 4/23/24)

24th Howard to Landon Ct (just north of St. Mary's) lane restrictions (4/29)

22nd Landon Ct to St. Mary's closed (4/12) (This is still showing as active on construction map 4/23/24)

St Mary's Ave 24th St to 24th Ave lane restrictions (4/12) (This is still showing as active on construction map 4/23/24)

Eastbound L St 26th to 24th lane restrictions (6/23)

Southbound 13th William to Pine lane restrictions (9/6)

(Business dist) N St is closed from 24th to 23rd (4/30)

Intersection of Saddle Creek and Leavenworth; various lane restrictions (12/13)

(Residential) Cass is closed from 33rd to 35th (4/29)

California St closed 51st to 52nd (4/26)

Douglas St lane restrictions Saddle Creek to 44th (the road on the north side of Don & Millie's) (4/2025)

Northbound Saddle Creek at Douglas lane restrictions (5/7)

44th lane restrictions Douglas to Farnam (4/23)

43rd Dodge north for about a block to Davenport lane restrictions (4/23)

Eastbound Dodge Saddle Creek to 44th right lane closed (4/24)

Leavenworth 43rd to 45th lane restrictions (4/24)

Dodge Westbound 38th to 40th right lane closed (8/30)

37th is closed Farnam to Harney (5/13)

Harney 37th to 38th lane restrictions (5/13) Also 38th to 39th (8/30)

(Behind Methodist on the Hospital campus) Farnam Dr from 81st to Harney lane restrictions (4/21) Also Beverly Dr at Farnam Lane restrictions (5/1)

72nd Dodge to Western various lane restrictions (6/3)

90th Northbound is head to head traffic Maplewood Blvd to Sprague (Aldi to Brakes Plus) (4/27)

108th is closed from Burt Cir (the 3 way intersection north of Dodge frontage road) to Decatur (just before Blondo) for street widening (7/31)

168th Center to Q St. lane restrictions both directions. Southbound lane construction will continue through December, then Northbound lanes through December 2024

Northbound 114th from Center north to Arbor; lane restrictions with flaggers daily 9AM to 3PM (4/22)

114th and Frances lane restrictions (just south of Pacific) (4/22)

60th Center to Grover lane restrictions in both directions (4/20)

Southbound 60th at Center lane restrictions (4/29)

Southbound 132nd Pacific to Shirley; right lane closed (4/22)

(Business Dist) 145th is closed between Industrial Frontage Road and Grover (5/16)

(Business Dist) 94th St closed H Ct to J St (4/25)

Millard Ave is one lane each direction from 138th to 136th for bridge work (7/31/2025)

Northbound 108th at Misison (just north of Harrison) Lane restrictions (4/23)

60th and Ohern just north of Q St lane restrictions (5/3)

Q St is closed 46th to 48th (6/4)

Eastbound F St 94th to 90th lane restrictions (4/25)

Northbound 72nd F St to I-80 is CLOSED (lane restrictions start at J St (12/8)

Northbound 72nd Cedar to Mercy right lane closed (4/25)

29th St is closed F St to G St (on the west side of the JFK) (4/20)

24th and S; various lane restrictions in the intersection (4/25)

(This is still showing as active on construction map 4/23/24)

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