This Family Slays Les Miserables! I GOT CHILLS!!!!

Ok, bear with me...I'm a HUGE musical nerd.

I saw this headline from Today "Family casually belts 'Les Mis' song and we think they're ready for Broadway" and I thought OOOOH musical. I watched the video and I'm officially shooketh to the max!

The family below, The LeBaron family, from Utah, ended their Easter festivities on Sunday with a SERIOUSLY...AMAZING performance of "One Day More" from the Broadway musical "Les Miserables."

How is literally EVERYONE in their family so talented? 

"We've all grown up singing together and we all married musically talented people," Jayson LeBaron told KUTV. "We all got involved with musical theater and did a lot of shows in high school and college. Music has been a unifying thing in our family."

Read more here and watch the family's rendition of "One Day More" below! Prepare for all of the chills!

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