Nannybag Is The Coolest Thing Ever!

So, my husband and I are taking a dream trip at the end of the month to Ireland, Scotland, and England. During parts of those trips, we're going to be in cities for an afternoon where we're going to have downtime waiting for a train or bus. 

I thought, well that would be really fun to explore the city, but we're going to have to take our bags EVERYWHERE with us, which is going to SUCK.

As I was searching for a solution, I stumbled across Nannybag, and boy oh boy, this is SOOOO NEAT. 

 Nannybag is essentially a babysitter for your luggage!

It's basically like searching for a hotel, but it's for your luggage, and it's secure!  

Someone watches your luggage for the afternoon, and then you come to pick it up when you need it again. 

If you have a similar situation, check out the glory of Nannybag here! OH, and they DO have an app! 

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