MGK Has 2 Words For Eminem...

Ok, this whole Eminem/ MGK thing is getting lame. 

BUT, I will say, I commend MGK for wanting to speak with Eminem person to person. That's really all a human can do if they want to apologize appropriately, but when the person you want to apologize to doesn't want to hear it, that's a tough situation. 

I DO like MGK. I've actually met him. He's a dope guy. I won't stop liking him because of all this. Do I like Eminem better, yes, but the whole fued thing isn't going to make me like one or the other less. 

Anyways, the interview with The Breakfast Club below is actually pretty juicy. 

  1. MGK is over it and tells Eminem "F you, you blew it"
  2. He has a finger injury that he won't elaborate on...
  3. He admits he had relations with Halsey
  4. He's just casually sipping tequila during this interview and I'm mildly jealous

Read more here from TMZ.

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