Bhad Babie Throws Drink On Iggy Azalea

Ya'll remember Danielle Bregoli (AKA BHAD BHABIE) (AKA THAT HORRIBLE TEENAGE GIRL FROM DR. PHIL WHO ENDED UP GETTING A RECORD DEAL) ? Yeah, she's still around and causing drama- go figure- she's 15. Anyone who condoned her being out in da club should seriously take a step back and realize this is actually what they're doing with their life. 

Anyway, she and Iggy Azalea were at the same event and she threw a drink on Iggy...because I guess Iggy was talking smack on Instagram. Watch the encounter and post encounter below. Thanks, TMZ!

DISCLAIMER. Bregoli uses some pretty foul it's NSFW. Are we really surprised, though? Are we???



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