Ever wish your phone could be silverware as well?

It's happened to all of us at one point or another. You're sitting down to eat, but you're in the middle of scrolling through your news feed, and you just don't want to put the phone down! 

If that's you... then this new phone case is just what you need!

Personally... It is my greatest pet peeve eating with people that won't get off their phones and have a conversation with those around them... so I like to play Cell Phone Chicken

How do you play? I'm glad you asked!

Next time you and your friends are eating out, everyone puts their cell phones face down in the middle of the table. 

The first one to reach for their phone and look at it... pays for everyone's meal!

I've done this about a dozen times now with friends. I have had to pay once, but the majority of the time we end up not looking until the bill comes, and everyone just pays for whoever they were going to pay for. 

Seriously... you should try it someday! It could land you a free meal!

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