Airless Tires? Where were these when I needed them this week?

Isn't it just life that we end up in a bad situation at the worst possible time?

Earlier this week, while driving into the studio in the middle of another wonderful rainstorm, I ended up getting a flat tire while still on Hwy 75. Having to pull off to the side and change it in a downpour... without a jacket cuz idiot... was just the start to the week I really needed!

BUT... the future looks bright because we may soon be beyond flat tires all together!

Michelin has been working on an 'airless' tire concept for years now. The design has changed dramatically since the first concept, but they are ready to put it to the test in the real world with the UPTIS.

While you won't see a version ready for any car you could classify as a 'performance vehicle' anytime soon, the thought of being able to get to and from work without having to worry about a flat tire is exciting to me!

Now... let's just hope that they won't cost as much as my car to put on when they go into full production!

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