Backyard Roller Coaster gets an interesting Update

This story starts out like any good Father/Son story.

Father takes son to amusement park, ride roller coasters all day, goes home. Son asks dad why they don't have one in their back yard. Father then proceeds to build one just because he can.

5 versions later, they have a pretty nice one in the back yard.

Except... the coaster is just kinda simple because 'it doesn't take the rider upside down'

So, if your that father, what do you do?

Well... for this California father, you hit the books and try to modify it with a barrel roll in the middle of it!

Since moving here to Omaha, I finally have a back yard big enough to do stuff in. Right now, it's just the normal stuff... play catch with my son, grill out on nice days... I'm even adding in a nice fire pit this weekend...

But I don't think the wife will let me do something like this.. no matter how much I REALLY want to do it.

Maybe if I get the kids on board... she'll lighten up... ... ... Sorry, got lost in fantasy land there for a second

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