Kid constantly in trouble at school turns behavior into a paying job

Remember all those times in school when you would get into trouble? Did you ever think of turning that into a career?

My co-host Mel always got in trouble for talking in class. Now, she gets paid to talk all day.

I use to get in trouble for trying to be too creative with my writing prompts and challenging the way things were done, now I get to do those things every single day.

And if that doesn't inspire you to do what you love, maybe this 9 year old will.

Joe gets in trouble in class a lot for doodling during lessons, something that his parents encourage him to do because he loves it. While other teachers tried to shut it down, his art teacher saw promise in his work. So, they took photos of his doodles, and posted them on Instagram. One restaurant owner liked what he saw, and offered Joe a job to come doodle on the walls of his building.

The photos have gained a lot of attention, seeing more than 1.5 Million interactions online, and have provided Joe with more offers from other business owners to come do the same to their establishments.

Just goes to show... sometimes the talent that makes you different, or even gets you in trouble, could be the thing that you were meant to be doing! #FollowYourDreams


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