The Most Dangerous Road + Insane Truck = Adrenaline Junkies Dream

Some of you might know who I'm talking about when I say the name Ken Block.

If you don't, I wouldn't blame you either.

He's made a career out of racing... but that's not the only thing he's good at...

He takes INSANE cars and makes them do things no car should EVER be able to do. He is the driver behind the long running Gymkhana series on Youtube.

Just how insane are these cars? Well, his latest creation, the Hoonitruck, is a modified Ford F-150. 914hp 4-wheel drive twin turbo. If all those numbers don't really mean anything to you... just think about this... It can LITERALLY do donuts AROUND your car WHILE driving on the freeway

Don't believe me??? Just watch what it can do on the world's most dangerous road in China

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