Nick Cordero's Wife Says Doctors 'Saw Some Success' With New Treatment

Nick Cordero has made another slow, yet steady improvement with his health.

As you know, the Broadway star, 41, has been battling COVID-19 in the ICU for almost two months, but his wife, Amanda Kloots, has revealed via Instagram Stories that doctors have seen "some success" with proning him, while they continue to utilize ventilators to help him breathe. "They are going to continue doing that with him, where they flip him on his tummy, then flip him on his back, and then put him back on his tummy," she explained to viewers on Tuesday (May 26). "There's, like, 16 to 20 hour intervals where they do that. They are seeing some improvements with his oxygen and gas exchange rates when they do that, so that was really good and promising."

"They have also started some new antibiotics, and they also started a high dose of vitamin C to start to work in on his immune system," the fitness trainer said. "All these little things seem to be slowly helping and we're just keeping our fingers crossed that these things will continue to see some improvements."

Kloots went on to reveal that even on day 56 of his lengthy battle, Cordero is fighting and it shows. "I can't imagine how exhausted he is and how tired his body is. He has been through so much," she continued. "But he has defied the odds, you guys. Nick has literally defied odds and I think there's something to that. You don't go through all this to not make it through all this."

Photo: Getty Images

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