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These Are The California Laws That Are Going Into Effect On July 1st

It's the first of the month and today there are some new laws that are going into effect such as school start times, guns and ammunition and minimum wage. Below are the new laws that are going into effect on July 1st:


  • Responsible Beverage Service Training Program: anyone who pours, shakes or mixes an alcoholic drink must be trained to serve more responsibly and to help reduce alcohol-related dangers. They will have 60 days to take the training program.


  • New law limits how early school can start. For middle schools, school must start no earlier than 8am and for high schools, school must start no earlier than 8:30am.


  • California is expanding their requirements for microstamping, which is technology that "causes a firearm to etch a unique microscopic code onto ammunition cartridge cases when the gun is fired that identifies the firearm's make, model, and serial number." This can help law enforcement in shooting investigations and the state will tighten up which firearms can be sold in California due to the requirement.
  • Ghost Guns: these are unregistered and untraceable firearms that can be assembled at home. Law enforcement and the courts will be able to remove weapons from a person who is believed to be dangerous in order to prevent crimes.


  • Dozens of cities are increasing their minimum wage. In Los Angeles, the minimum wage will rise from $15 an hour to $16.04 an hour on July 1st.

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